The Mind of Russ

Depression, OCD, and Getting Better

Many people do not realize that OCD and depression go hand in hand. My experience is a prime example of this. OCD attacks you at your core and has you questioning everything about you.

At the beginning of my OCD journey, I did not know that I had OCD. I had these seriously scary harm thoughts, and it flipped me out. So much so that I checked myself into the hospital. It was the scariest moments of my life. I thought I was going crazy.

The next step after the hospital was to find a doctor that could help me heal. Even then, the doctor did not diagnose me with OCD. This did not come until I googled my specific thoughts and found out I had Harm OCD.

This made it worse. I saw OCD, and I read it was a lifelong condition, and that was when my depression kicked in. I kept ruminating on, never getting better. Every minute I was awake, I would spin up a narrative that there was no way to get better. This was extremely toxic for my mental health and my healing process.

Therapy finally clicked with me and showed that OCD can be fought, and that I could win. This, in combination with medication, was a godsend to me. I am thankful every day to have a solid therapist and medications that work for me.

This takes me to my next point. Try not to ruminate. Not only does this lead to depression, it is a compulsion which feeds OCD. Rumination is something that happens internally and for me to break the control OCD had over me, I had to stop. This was so tough to do. It takes practice with a therapist that is trained in the art of Exposure and Response Therapy.

OCD is beatable. YOU have to take control and step up. No one knows exactly what you are going through but you. The journey is tough, but what do you have to lose other than getting better?

You got this!

- 12 toasts