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Keep Your Data Private

All my friends are big social media fiends, and I can't stand the way they look at privacy. Most of them have a motto, and it is "I have nothing to hide". I try to ream them a new one when they say this because of how stupid it is.

Seriously, everyone should be conscious about what certain services do with your data. Most of the time, free stuff is not free. You pay for it by sacrificing some of your personal data to bots that scrape your content to deliver your ads.

Go look at your Google account, check your location history or if you use Google Home, your voice history. Companies like Google probably know more about you than you do! I don't remember where I was on Tuesday of last week, but Google would if I had location history and services turned on.

I was listening to an old Joe Rogan podcast the other day about privacy with Moxie Marlinspike. He said something about United States being built because of privacy. Do you think they could have drafted the Declaration of Independence if Britain knew what was going on? He said that a lot of things that have progressed the world were created in private. It is no different having someone peaking over your shoulder to look at your phone while you are on a subway.

Now the world has this mentality that privacy is an illusion. NO it is not. Privacy can be had but you must value it over free stuff or convenience. Change services that mine your data for monetary gain. Get comfortable with paying for things like email. Buy yourself a Google Pixel and install CalyxOS on it. There are ways to do it, but you must be willing to put in the effort.

I am not liking the way society is moving towards this everyone is an open book mentality. You have secrets, I have secrets, and that does not make us criminals. Hopefully, more and more services pop up that value your privacy and not your information.

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