The Mind of Russ

OCD and Adopting a Puppy

I did a thing this weekend, and that is, I adopted a puppy! This little fella needed a home, and I went ahead and made the 2-hour drive to get him. So far, this has been awesome for my OCD. He has given me a companion when I am at home alone and teleworking. Another big benefit to having a dog while having OCD is the fact that I now MUST exercise which has been something that I have had zero motivation to do.

He is a chocolate lab mix and I don't know much of his backstory. Not sure I really want to. He was shy at first, but he is gradually coming out of his shell. He didn't like me much when I picked him up but now, he has done a complete 180 and wags his tail when he sees me. Working with him on my down time has given me something to focus on aside from my OCD. I highly recommend it IF you can afford to give the doggie the love he or she deserves.

The other big benefit is my daughter. She loves this little guy already and he immediately attached to her. The first time they met she sat down, and he quickly jumped on her lap and wagged his tail. I was so happy to see this, and I genuinely believe all kids should have a dog. It gives them a sense of responsibility of taking care of something. I always keep an eye on them, but she does amazing.

Another funny side effect was my wife. She is not an animal person at all but goodness, those puppy dog eyes can flip you into a dog lover quick! She is attached to him as much as I am and plays with him a lot. Makes me feel good that the whole family is getting to enjoy him as much as I do.

Anyway, having a dog has helped me immensely with my OCD so far and I can see it getting even easier and more helpful as he grows. If you can take care of a dog, I feel like it is a good idea to adopt one. Adopt one, please don't shop, there are so many dogs that need homes. Please remember, they are a commitment and please don't do it unless you know you can handle it!

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