The Mind of Russ

Simplicity is Bliss

Wow, I just discovered Bear Blog through random searches on the internet and I am impressed. Finally, a simple blog service to get my message out there without all the bloat. I went through about 10 different services and due to their complexity, I gave up for a while.

This setup is amazing. Simple is refreshing. No more themes, no more plugins, just text. It is perfect for my needs. I hope you all enjoy what I write!

One of the blog services I stopped at was This service was super close to what Bear does, but it still required me to have a whole separate note taking service called Standard Notes. Not to say that SN is bad or anything, it actually is quite amazing, but I mixed up my public posts with my private posts. Definitely not ideal.

The other service I liked was This service was pretty good too but to unlock some of the basic features, such as being posted to their discovery section, you had to pay. Not only that, it was pretty expensive for a simplified blogging platform. I think the cost was around $72 bucks a year if paid annually.

Anyway, Bear Blog is outstanding and I look forward to writing more here.

Simple is better.

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