The Mind of Russ

Tribalism Sucks

I am not a political type of person. I am getting worried about the world though and how divided we have become. Seriously, everyone is constantly at each other's throats for stuff. My motto lately has been mind your own damn business and live your life while I live mine.

Vaccinations is one of those things that has been irking me big time. I don't care what you do with your body, and you shouldn't care what I do with mine! Vaccine or not, you are free to do whatever, and I won't judge you. You have one side saying get vaxxed or stay home and then the other side saying if you are so worried then stay home. I have an idea, just go out and enjoy your life! If you are uncomfortable with not knowing if everyone is vaccinated, then protect yourself! Self-responsibility is key here. Work out, get exercise, eat healthy, get vaccinated if you want, and wear the PROPER PPE and do what you must do!

The arguments people are having about these things is asinine. Forcing people to do something that they don't want to do is not right and anyone who supports it, left or right is nuts. We all just need to chill and calm down. Tribalism is bad and it has created further division. We all live on this planet, we are allowed to disagree, but now it seems like we are headed down the wrong path.

Rant over...

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